Photographer In Me…. I Never Dreamed I’d Be A Photographer..

…. I Have Had An Unplanned, And Unexpected Life Into Photography…


I guess, it was at this point, I became a photographer


Flashes, filters and studio equipment was followed by a new camera and lenses, not a cheap hobby that’s for sure, but one that was so rewarding, my love for travel has seen my passion grow and develop in the world behind the camera,


I love HDR, travel and people photography, photography has allowed me to tell a story of life, I am a bit of a geek which allows me to use my creative side in post development for optimization,


I never owned a camera growing up, nor did I have any interest in taking pictures, I think its fair to say that I was not happy to be in front of the camera unless I was pulling a face, So I can really understand how people feel so uncomfortable when someone is waving a lens in their face.


For Me, it started in 2006 with a Family DSLR camera that was really a Xmas present for my wife, after which I under went a disk replacement in my neck, I had a 6 month recovery period and I needed some think to keep me occupied, I began with the book that came with the Nikon D5000, I learnt everything there was to know about this camera, I then purchased Photoshop later followed by Lightroom, which then took my photography into a different world,


A few years on and I’m still in my part-time job working for an airline, this gives me the opportunity to travel and keep some aspects of my photography as a hobby which I love, I’m working hard part-time with the commercial/Client side of my  photography, the last few years has seen me take on more wedding bookings which has become a great part of my photography direction, being part of the special day and capturing the moments that live forever has become such a fulfilling moment for me as a photographer,


I believe My style has grown into a creative mix of documentary and fine art photography, it is all about capturing the magic of the moment,


 I’ve sold a number of prints and feel extremely lucky to have fallen into photography, be it through the surgeon’s knife, photography for me is still very much something that is keeps teaching me new things, about myself, about life and has become a fantastic opportunity to create art in one click…….


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